forchunisa's commission

[commission open]digital artist | id/eng | she/her

vroid model

price : 95$add-ons :
vroid file (+10$)
additional design (30$+)
complex character (30$+)
commercial use (50$+)
rush delivery (50$+)
1x major revision (20$+)


● for more samples check out my gallery!● the finished work will be send in vrm format● i only use vroid studio and unity (under certain circumstances)● any change done in unity are only applicable to the vrm file and not the vroid file● the model are fully rigged and fully textured● there will be 6 expressions only
which is neutral, smile, joy, sad, angry,
and surprised
● i am more experienced in making feminine looking characters● i dont charge commercial fee for small vtuber or small streamer● i accept upfront payment and 50/50 payment only for vroid commission● i can't make furry, muscles, and i also cant convert your character to vrchat● if your model have certain features that are technically impossible to make in the program i'm using, i will let you know● i will not decide anything on how your character design will look like. please make sure all references are ready before ordering.● i can copy the artstyle of your fullbody character art drawn by your artist so if you want that you can specify it to me ^^ (≈90% similarity accuracy)● i never re-use previous textures/assets that i made and i never use free/paid asset made by someone else. all textures and assets on the model are always new and is made by me according to your instruction and reference.


● i prefer payment through
buy me a coffee (1$/coffee)
but if you dont have it
you can order through my
fiverr instead!
● for indonesians, i accept
payment from local bank bca
● if under any circumstances
you havent paid within 1 week,
i will cancel your order
● i as the artist have the right to turn down certain commissions● i have the right to post the finished work to my social media for advertising● i require you to credit me if you're posting my work on your social platform● there will be no refunds● you can still order anytime even if slots are full, but i will put you in the waiting list● i will notify you when i'm ready to take commissions again if you're in my waiting list


● there will only be 5 stages of minor
revisions allowed
● finished work will
be sent via email
● you can constantly ask for updates anytime, but please don't rush me● updates or finished work of the model's progress will be shown on image preview of png format● i will only send the model files after there are no more revision needed● i do not provide revision after
the commission is finished
● deadline for each comm are around 1-2 months depending on the difficulties of the character. first come first serve rule still applied● your commission deadline might
extend while it's still in progress

order page

please proceed to order only if you have :● read all the info and terms
● read all the terms and consent to it
i recommend contacting me first
if you have any questions!
● once you submit the order form and
filled all the necessary requirements,
i will review it and contact you for the
price, deadline, and your order status ^^